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Top 4 Reasons You Should Buy Patriotic

Since the 17th century, Americans have favored any textiles produced domestically over foreign made products. Also known as "homespun" and later on as Made in the USA. American made products have always been a source of pride among those who wore them or used them. As early as the 17th century, American made fabric became a political statement for those visiting other nations. It showed the rest of the world the quality and bounty of goods we have here in the United States. Almost 230 years later, America's 45th president promised at his inaugural address to "follow two simple rules: Buy American and Hire American." At Up In Arms Clothing, we have continued President Trumps promise and urge others to buy American made products. This is why we sell patriotic inspired apparel that's made here in the USA. From American flag shirts to funny political tees, here's the top 4 reasons you should buy patriotic.

1. It Shows Your Patriotism

The number one reason you need a patriotic t shirt for all season's is because you love your country and you're not afraid to show it. This is where our moto was born, "Wear Your Rights & Freedoms". Wearing a patriotic shirt stands as a testament to the values our country was founded on all those years ago. A true patriot wears their rights and freedoms through every season to show their love for country.

2. Boosts American Investment Opportunities

When you buy patriotic apparel, it means investment and finance for the American economy. It's never been more important for patriots to have a parallel economy, in an age of cancel culture and mass censorship. When you support patriotic brands, you are supporting businesses that share your beliefs and values. The only way we're going to win back our country is by supporting one another and supporting our patriotism.

3. Support For Our Veterans

Wearing patriotic clothes is more than just a trend, it allows people to show their beliefs, support our God-given rights and freedoms. It shows respect to everyone who fought for those freedoms and liberties. It shows respect for our veterans - both past and present. Our veterans are the heartbeat of our freedom. Without those who are willing to defend our freedoms, liberty his just a word. 

4. Pisses Off Everyone Who Hates The United States

There are major corporations across the United States removing patriotic apparel, censoring conservative voices, and yielding to cancel culture. Nike refused to release an Independence Day Betsy Ross Flag shoe design due to criticisms and many others felt it would be inappropriate to celebrate the country that helped them become successful. When you wear patriotic clothes, you're making a statement without saying a word.



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