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How to elect a right conservative leader


The conservative movement is in a state of flux. It's been this way since the 2016 presidential election, when many conservatives found themselves at odds with the more populist, nationalist faction of the party. But now that President Trump has been in office for two years, it's clearer than ever that he is not a traditional conservative. This has led to a lot of soul-searching and some disagreement about what conservatism even means anymore.

A Conservative Leader is Optimistic

Conservatives are optimists. We believe in the power of the individual and the ability of people to make a difference. We believe that we can solve our own problems, and that government should be limited in its power. But we also believe that government has a role to play in making our society better. Conservatives are optimists, and because of that, we have a lot to offer the world.

A Conservative Leader is a Good Listener

A conservative leader is a good listener. They do not make decisions without hearing from their constituents. They also work to ensure that their policies benefit the most people possible. A conservative leader will always be open to new ideas, but they are not afraid to speak their mind and make tough decisions.

A Conservative Leader is Focused on the Future

Conservatives are people who believe that the future is important and that we should be investing in it. They believe in living within our means and not spending money that we don't have. Conservatives are also for limited government, which means they want to make sure that the government doesn't get too big and take away our freedoms.

A Conservative Leader is a Good Communicator

A conservative leader is a good communicator. They should be able to effectively communicate their message to a wide variety of audiences, from the average person on the street to the wealthy and powerful. A conservative leader needs to be able to speak in ways that will resonate with the average person. They need to be able to communicate complex ideas in a way that is easy for people to understand.

A Conservative Leader is Honest and Trustworthy

A conservative leader is honest and trustworthy. He or she does not lie, cheat, or steal. Conservative leaders are also willing to work with people who have different views than their own. A conservative leader is willing to change his or her mind if the evidence shows that he or she was wrong. A conservative leader also believes in the Constitution, the rule of law, and protecting individual rights.

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