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How To Show Your Patriotism


How to show your patriotism? As patriots, we ought to love our country because it's ours, and because it stands for what's right and just, making possible the pursuit of virtue within our traditions. The patriot loves his country, not power, or even his country's power-let alone his government's power. Showing patriotism doesn't necessarily mean attending rallies or marches. You can and should show your patriotism every day. Conservatives all across the nation are not afraid of showing their allegiance to the American flag, and sharing the spirit of the Conservative party. By showing your patriotism it has a way of reviving the patriotic spirit and reminding someone why they should be proud to be an American.

If we're to be worthy of being called patriots, we have to be ready to defend our nation against those who would seek to destroy it. - Edmund Burke

Defending our nation can come in many different forms and does not exclusively mean grabbing a rifle.


No matter what your opinion of the 2020 election is (Trump won), voting is one of the most patriotic acts one person can do. The right to vote and have a say in what happens was the belief on which this nation was founded.


Supporting your country and fellow citizens by buying American keeps your dollars in your community and ensures that revenues stays in America. This is why at Up In Arms Clothing, we source products that are made in the USA because you can't support America by buying from China or Mexico.


There should be no confusion about where your loyalties lie. This is why we are committed to giving friends, family and fellow patriots a chance to show the world our time-tested values. Brand yourself as a true patriot with our wide selection of conservative and patriotic gifts for different occasions. Our patriotic apparel is not only fashionable but also helps to make a statement without saying a word.

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